Cultmachine's John Huff talks with filmmaker RANDY DeFORD about Mid-West Solipsism, Cult, Movies, Jibs, and the apparition of Lloyd Kaufman!


In this debut e-book, THE PHANTOM OF THE MOVIES collects his chats from his VIDEOSCOPE MAGAZINE with such genre innovators as Alex (Dance with the Devil) de la Iglesia, Walter (The Warriors) Hill, Patty (Monster) Jenkins and L.Q. (A Boy and His Dog) Jones. While their work ranges across the genre spectrum, what all the filmmakers convened here share is a ferocity of vision and a commitment to quality. We treasure the time we were able spend with them. Hope you do as well. Get the book now...

LET US REMEMBER: TED MARKLAND Actor of many films including ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, LAST MAN STANDING, ANOTHER 48 HRS., PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM, and of course CYXORK 7. A personal memory of this great man by the producer of his last movie.

THE MASKS OF VINCENT PRICE -- includes a video excerpt from Shop Talk With ROBERT DEVINE, Hollywood's Special Effects Master and head of ANATOMORPHEX.



Get the first report and extensive photos from the set of the new Lloyd Kaufman documentary. With Roger Corman and Stan Lee.

Cultmachine interviews FELIX GILFEDDER, inventor of POPCORN HORROR. This cool APP lets fans reward filmmakers with micro-donations for their horror-shorts. Filmers can keep on producing, while fans get their daily dose of horror on their phones and tablets. Sounds like a win-win? Find out more...

Cultmachine talks to SCOTT VOISIN, author of the must-read CHARACTER KINGS.

From our archives: In his last interview ultimate villain actor TED MARKLAND (1933-2011) gives insight into his movies such as LAST MAN STANDING, ANOTHER 48 HOURS, and his friendship with LENNY BRUCE.
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