Shannon Luster
Greater Los Angeles Area
UCLA Alumna
UCLA Mentor for UCLA Alumni Mentor Program
Writer: Screen / Fiction
Filmmaker: "Selfie Confessions," "Askew Circus," "Dying to See You"

Randy DeFord
Monticello, IN
Technical Writer
Engineer, Musician
Filmmaker: "Section 5,"
"Purge Clause,"
"Taylor Bertram"
Sharon Jordan
Greater Los Angeles Area
CSUSB Alumna: Masters
Author: "Time Shadows," "Death Shadows"
Actress: "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," "Cost of Capital," "Dying to See You"
Joshua Tree Robert

John Huff
Pioneertown, CA
Claremont School of Theology
Writer: Screen / TV / Fiction
Director "Cyxork 7"
Radio Journalist

A.K. Kossak
Cinematographer / Writer / Producer


You know how ideas suddenly invade your mind usually in the strangest places and at the most unexpected times. CULTMACHINE.COM was born that way in a motel room in frigid Syracuse, NY. John Huff and I were in town to screen our film at Ron Bonk's B-Movie Festival and on the flight from LA the night before, we had discussed expanding our film's website CYXORK7.COM to include impressions of the many interesting people and films we were encountering on the indie festival circuit.

Next morning, in a pretty bare motel room with nothing to do since the screenings started late and with the TV off--I have practiced strict TV abstinence since 2000--I suddenly knew that we not only needed an entirely new site, I also knew its name: CULTMACHINE.COM.

I quickly fired up my laptop and checked if the domain was still available, but the motel's Wi-Fi system was down. I picked up an open network from a motel across the street, but the signal was faint and intermittent. I found that close to the window I could get online for up to a minute before the connection was dropped.

It was a slow process, but I managed to log onto our domain host and found that CULTMACHINE.COM was still available. I couldn't believe it. Why hadn't anyone thought of this name before? Everything with the word 'cult' should have been taken a long time ago. And so I bought CULTMACHINE.COM standing high up on a shaky chair, pressing the laptop against the cold glass of the motel window.

I immediately called John's room and told him that I had just purchased a domain for the website we had talked about on the plane. A new website with a cool name. I thought. I went over to his room to tell him the name in person. I wanted to see his initial facial reaction, to know for real if I was right, or wrong. I was right. John admitted that he was prepared to be disappointed and ready to pooh-pooh the name but to his surprise he liked it immensely.

A few years passed since that morning in Syracuse before CULTMACHINE.COM actually came alive. There were always thousands of other things that screamed for immediate attention, but finally CULTMACHINE.COM found its mission, an INDIeBOOK Label with a section on cult. And there was one rule from the start that would define what we wanted to write about. No critical, negative tearing down of other people's work, something we consider a pretentious waste of time--but articles, interviews, essays from the perspective of curious fans--fans who are only interested in who and what they like--as in "worship," the original meaning of the Latin word "cultus."