Actress ANA DELA CRUZ talks with SHARON JORDAN  & SHANNON LUSTER about her impressive career in television, film, and commercials, ranging from the romantic indie drama FIRST GIRL I LOVED to television series such as JANE THE VIRGIN, and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESSANA DELA CRUZ reveals not only who influenced her and who inspires her, but also the quality she admires most: FEARLESSNESS. Read about what it takes to launch and successfully sustain a career in acting in this interview with ANA DELA CRUZ.

Horror Film Auteur & Entrepreneur BRIAN LUPO, known for such cult favorites as M.O.N., HARVEST, and THE SICKNESS OF LUCIUS FROST, gives insight into the world of TRUE INDIE FILMMAKING driven by passion and determination.  In AMANDA FRYE'S interview, BRIAN LUPO, who also holds a PhD in Anthropology, discusses his influences, his take on the HORROR GENRE, and the destructive environment for indie filmmakers seeking distribution that has been created by companies like NETFLIX, HULU, iTUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, and their AGGREGATORS.  This INSPIRING AND SOBERING INTERVIEW is a MUST READ FOR ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT INDIE FILMS…  

Actor FEDERICO DORDEI, talks with SHANNON LUSTER & SHARON JORDAN about his impressive work in A-list films such as LUCKYTOWN, where he acted alongside JAMES CAAN, KIRSTEN DUNST, and LUIS GUZMANFEDERICO DORDEI further discusses his TV work on such hit shows as 2 BROKE GIRLSand ANGEL FROM HELL, with such notable actresses like JANE LYNCH, KAT DENNINGS, MAGGIE LAWSON, and BETH BEHRS. What does it take to be a successful actor?  Find out here from FEDERICO DORDEI.

Emmy Award winning Producer KICO VELARDE talks to Cultmachine's very own duo Reporters – SHANNON LUSTER & SHARON JORDAN – about the awesome experience of showcasing his film – THE SHOOTING STAR SALESMAN  at COMIC CON in San Diego this year.  Cultmachine's SHANNON LUSTER & SHARON JORDAN – also ask KICO VELARDE about what all filmmakers would like to know: How do you get your film showcased at COMIC CON, and how do you prepare for this event?  Feel free to read it all here…

SHANNON LUSTER & SHARON JORDANtalk with Actor and Filmmaker JOHNNY CANNIZZARO, co-star of the movie JERSEY BOYS, about working with such consummate entertainment professionals like VINCENT PIAZZA, JOHN LLYOD YOUNG, ANTHONY GEARY, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN, & CLINT EASTWOOD. In addition, find out about JOHNNY CANNIZARRO's work as Writer and Executive Producer of the upcoming comedies: THE MINUS TOUCH and JACK STEVENSON, A DECENT MAN.

Read the latest report from the trenches of RANDY DEFORD'S bio-docu about the EMPEROR OF TROMA NATION, LLOYD KAUFMAN. This time around, Randy DeFord had lined up HOLLYWOOD HEAVYWEIGHTS STEVEN PAUL, JOHN LANDIS and JOHN AVILDSENto worship, unabashed and on record, at the altar of our era's undisputed cultural singularity, the MASTER OF THE INCONCEIVABLE, SIR LLOYD KAUFMAN. It's ALL HERE...

Cultmachine's SHANNON LUSTER premieres her whimsical and dark, tour-de-force film, ASKEW CIRCUS. The film stars Cultmachine's SHARON JORDAN who delivers a dazzling performance as the manipulative Poly Askew along with the rest of the talented cast. ASKEW CIRCUS also includes footage of famous, Vaudeville star, CARL LUSTER, Shannon's great-grandfather. Cultmachine is proud to showcase ASKEW CIRCUS in its first world-wide premiere.

VOICE ACTORS - You all know their voices, but you may not know their names.  RANDY DEFORD's interview of legendary BRIAN TALBOT, the voice of OVER 10,000 RADIO AND TELEVISION COMMERCIALS, plus VIDEO GAMES, gives a fascinating look into the little-known world of VOICE ACTING AND PRODUCING.  Read about BRIAN TALBOT's career, influences, plus the recording technology he uses on the road and in his home studio.

Actor ANDREW TIERNAN, known to an international audience from his memorable performances in such films like THE PIANIST, 300, and 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE among others, talks to SHARON JORDAN and SHANNON LUSTER about his work in front of and behind the camera.  As the creative mastermind of the upcoming thriller DRAGONFLY, ANDREW TIERNAN discusses directing, producing, and starring in this super-stylish tour de force, which is sure to excite Cult-Movie fans.  Read it all here and see the official DRAGONFLY teaser…

If you've been to the movies over the last 35 years, chances are you have seen the work of Hollywood legend RANDAL KLEISER, director of the highest-grossing movie musical ever, GREASE, and other blockbusters such as THE BLUE LAGOON, WHITE FANG, and FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR. SHANNON LUSTER & SHARON JORDAN had the opportunity to talk to RANDAL KLEISER about his films and advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps. Read it all here...

SHARON JORDAN & SHANNON LUSTER interview ACTOR & FILMMAKER STEPHEN MANLEY – well known for his role as SPOCK age 17 on STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.  Read about STEPHEN MANLEY's other impressive accomplishments as an actor in film and television, a career that began when he was just 8 months old, and find out about his work as the writer, producer, director, and editor of the film GREASEPAINT.

In this third behind-the-scenes report on the filming of his ultimate LLOYD KAUFMAN documentary, BEHIND THE BOWTIE, Cultmachine's RANDY DEFORD reports from Hollywood. There, he met and interviewed cult director extraordinaire, JOE DANTE, who, quite shockingly, had plenty of ( ... ) things to say about Lloyd! For details, you have to wait until Randy's documentary comes out. But for now, you can read how the interview went

Shannon Luster and Sharon Jordan interview Emmy Award winning Producer/ Director KICO VELARDE about his work as Supervising Producer of the hit show JAY LENO'S GARAGE and co-producing the award-wining film PVC-1, which was nominated for the Camera d'Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Kico also discusses his latest work, directing the film THE SHOOTING STAR  SALESMAN, starring Yancey Arias, and talks shop about today's choice in edit systems. Read about all this, plus more, right HERE

Cultmachine’s Sharon Jordan and Shannon Luster interview British actress SHONA McWILLIAMS who not only starred in, but also produced and edited the upcoming Neo-Noir Thriller DRAGONFLY. Set in London, the movie digs deep into the world of corrupt police and politicians. It is directed by no other than actor, producer, and writer ANDREW TIERNANRead how SHONA McWILLIAMS got into movies and find out what it takes to succeed in front and behind the camera.

"Just Do It" could be the motto of young filmmaker SHANNON LUSTER. Take a camera, cast actors, cut it together--and while it's not quite as easy as that, it's entirely possible! Cultmachine's Sharon Jordan and John Huff talk to SHANNON LUSTER about how she writes, directs, acts in, and cuts her own movies. What made her do it? Who all influenced her? And what did she learn? Read it all right here...

Cultmachine's Maureen McCabe talks to EVA ZELIG, award winning documentary producer and writer, about her latest project, AN UNKNOWN COUNTRY. In her new film, EVA ZELIG tells the story of a group of several thousand European Jews who escaped Nazi Europe to find refuge in an unlikely destination: Ecuador.
Read the interview here...

Cultscoop Magazine talks shop with microcinema filmmaker Randy DeFord about the making of his new movie TAYLOR BERTRAM. Video technology, post-production, filming in rural Indiana, film festivals, music recording in Nashville... everything gets covered here. Plus the latest on Randy's on-going Lloyd Kaufman docu BEHIND THE BOWTIE. Find out what Tony Todd had to say when he found out about Troma's extensive film library.

Cultscoop's Shannon Luster and Sharon Jordan sat down with FABIO TASSONE for an interview about acting, music festivals, and more. Well known for his work on television in the wildly popular series, THE TUDORS, Fabio is also a successful voice-over actor for commercials and video games such as RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. Read more...

LLoyd Kaufman talks filmmaking, culture, business, the future of cinema, net neutrality, and the ontological implications of mooning aliens. Read the interview...

Cultscoop's John Huff talks with filmmaker RANDY DeFORD about Mid-West Solipsism, Cult, Movies, Jibs, and the apparition of Lloyd Kaufman!
BTS REPORT FROM THE NEW LLOYD KAUFMAN DOCUMENTARY "BEHIND THE BOWTIE" --- Get the 2nd report by filmmaker Randy DeFord on interviewing B-Movie star, director, writer, and journalist DEBBIE ROCHON for his much-awaited documentary on Meister Troma himself.
Indiana Indie Director Ann Tiemann Loggins discusses her latest horror film project with Cultmachine. Topics include: funding, inspiration, getting into festivals... more
Get the first report and extensive photos from the set of the new Lloyd Kaufman documentary. With Roger Corman and Stan Lee.

Cultscoop interviews FELIX GILFEDDER, inventor of POPCORN HORROR. This cool APP lets fans reward filmmakers with micro-donations for their horror-shorts. Filmers can keep on producing, while fans get their daily dose of horror on their phones and tablets. Sounds like a win-win? Find out more...

Cultmachine's John Huff talks to:


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VIDEOSCOPE, the premiere magazine for: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Asian, Cult, Animation, Thrillers, Indies, Noirs, Art-House, Verite, Vintage, Exploitation and more...

...but were afraid to ask about the life of DARREN REA

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(includes a rare PHOTO OF HIS BIRTH, plus some EXTRAS)

Cultmachine talks to SCOTT VOISIN, author of the must-read CHARACTER KINGS.

From our archives: In his last interview ultimate villain actor TED MARKLAND (1933-2011) gives insight into his movies such as LAST MAN STANDING, ANOTHER 48 HOURS, and his friendship with LENNY BRUCE.
WATCH THE VIDEO, read the transcript.

LET US REMEMBER: TED MARKLAND Actor of many films including ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, LAST MAN STANDING, ANOTHER 48 HRS., PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM, and of course CYXORK 7. A personal memory of this great man by the producer of his last movie.

THE MASKS OF VINCENT PRICE -- includes a video excerpt from SHOP TALK WITH ROBERT DEVINE, Hollywood's Special Effects Master and head of ANATOMORPHEX.